Partnership in Europe for VET+

Each partner was selected due to its unique experience in VET sector. Below you can find more information about each organisation.

Zespół Szkół Technicznych w Kłodzku

Project Lider

Our school employs nearly 70 teachers and educates nearly 500 students.

In our school we educate in the following fields: construction technician, logistics technician,  renewable energy technician, office work technician, technician forwarder (new direction from this year) and basic vocational school with plasterer specialties, drywall fitter in construction, upholsterer .

ZSP No. 1 in Kłodzko since 2015 effectively implements projects within the Erasmus+ KA102  within VET sector. So far, we have managed to successfully implement three projects (currently we are implementing the fourth – mobility completed in June 2019). Thanks to our extensive experience in the VET sector, we have decided to launch a strategic partnership to serve the development of quality in the VET sector – Europe for VET +.

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Lotnicze Zaklady Naukowe

Partner from Poland

Lotnicze Naukowe (LZN) is a team of schools that includes a technical school and an vocational school. We educate young people in the following professions: mechatronics, mechanics, aviation mechanics, airport operational services, logistics and operation of ports and terminals, operator of cutting machines, mechatronics fitter.

We are competitive on the education market of Wroclaw (Poland) because the interest of young people focuses on the opportunity to acquire attractive qualifications which we are able to provide. A high level of professional equipment is guaranteed by continuous upgrading of necessary professional vocational equipment. We cooperate strongly with the best companies in our region. The class with mechanic / aviation mechanic is under the patronage of UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS. The BOSCH company took the patronage of the mechatronics technician class.

For five years we have also been actively participating in the Erasmus + Program, implementing foreign vocational internships for our students. We strive to better prepare young people for professional start-ups in dynamically developing specialist sectors (logistics, mechatronics) through these projects. Participation in those projects allows our students to gain professional experience and acquire vocational skills, develop language skills, interpersonal skills,  learn independence and mobility in a foreign country. Because of those project our students traveled to Italy, Spain and Malta and completed there successfully one-month-long vocational internships.

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Partner from Spain

Mundus association is a non-profit organization established in 2013 in Spain. Now it has offices in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), Girona and Zaragoza. Mundus aim is to promote intercultural learning, volunteering and non-formal education.

The mission of the organization is to prepare young people to successfully meet the challenges of the nowadays society by empowering them through international learning experiences.

The main activities of Mundus consist in managing international training and mobility projects like internships, volunteering, youth exchanges and training courses.

Mundus has an extensive experience in mobility projects and has sent more than 400 EVS volunteers (European Voluntary Service) and 500 participants for Youth Exchanges and Training Courses in more than 36 countries.

At the same time, Mundus is hosting over 500 students in Spain every year. Mundus is working with a network of companies in Aragon and Catalonia, which are committed to support practical learning of young Europeans. The network includes companies from all professional fields thus making this opportunity available to as many students as possible.

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IFOM (Institute for Training, Employment and Learning Mobility)

Partner from Italy

IFOM (Institute for Training, Employment and Learning Mobility) is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) centre that strongly believes in and supports work-based learning, mobile learning, apprenticeships and vocational trainings schemes both at local and European level.

We aim to foster quality improvements and excellence in education and training while strengthening employability, focusing especially on those that have less chance to find a job. We use training and mobility as tools to foster employability and reduce the skill gap between education and labour market.

IFOM is active both at regional and at international level where it cooperates with like-minded organizations to foster youth employability and to improve the quality of education and training through developing innovative learning paths and methods and through implementing learning mobility schemes. IFOM especially cooperates with the non-profit organization YouNet with which it develops learning mobility projects in the framework of European programmes such as Erasmus+ and the European Social Fund.

​IFOM establishes apprenticeships and traineeships schemes focusing especially on young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) and vocational students. We organise high-quality and tailored ​work experiences for its students, for the students of fellow Italian and European institutions and for NEETs.
IFOM supports the European Alliance for Apprenticeships in its mission to promote apprenticeship schemes and initiatives across Europe.

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Partner from Malta

ImproveAway is a non profit organisation and our goal is to promote, encourage and facilitate professional and personal sustainable development. Through our actions and involvement in various projects we want to help creating a better future through education and training at the same time contribute to social inclusion and cohesion.

The organization helps participants of its projects rise their employability by giving them opportunity to develop their skills, gain valuable and competitive on labor market work experience, encourage them to learn and improve their skills. To achieve that ImproveAway is engaged in a number of local and international projects such as, but not limited to, vocational placement, voluntary services, international youth exchange programs, and while doing so, it is keeping as a number one priority highest level of professionalism, quality of the services provided and satisfaction of the participants and all involved in cooperation parties.  We are able to do so because of our amazing team of dedicated, passionate, resourceful and driven people of versatile backgrounds bringing diversity and uniqueness to the organization.

ImproveAway is enrolled with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations in Malta under Voluntary Organisations Act.

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